Dec 4, 2019
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Metro Help Desk Support Tickets

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A help desk ticketing system will allow you to provide efficient support to your clients.

Metro Help Desk comes by default with an integrated FAQ and manuals systems, thus allowing staff members to decrease response time and improve efficiency.


METRO UI + bootstrap

Web based

Work from anywhere, whether you are at your desk, on the road, or working from home, our trouble ticket software has the tools you need to access your customer service database. All of Metro Help Desk features can be accessed though a web browser on virtually any operating system.

Envato license control for authors

Auto translation tickets with Google API (not free) or Yandex API (FREE)


Multi language (All words and phrases can be translated or modified using a web interface). Already translated into Spanish, Francais, Italiano, Portugues and Deutsch

Support via our Help Desk system with guaranteed response in less than 12 hours.

Option to run with SSL

Integrated FAQ and Manuals

The FAQ is a storage place for articles, for example, frequently asked questions.

The advantage of using the FAQ is that it is easy to reach and search when using the system.

There’s also a search box available when you reply to a ticket, so that you can quickly select a message that’s already in the FAQ or manuals.

Email Piping (convert emails into tickets)

Allows you to automatically route all incoming emails into the ticket desk supporting both new emails and replies.

Ticket monitoring with centralized panel

Customers and operators are always able to see ticket status and ticket owner info.

Custom email messages

Every message that Metro Help Desk sends can be customized using a WYSIWYG editor, you don’t have to edit any files or hack any code, it’s as simple as editing an article.

Priorities and statuses

Metro Help Desk uses 3 types of priorities (low, normal, high) as well as 5 types of statuses (new, pending, answered (by the staff), customer reply, closed).

Unlimited operators

Create as many operator logins as your business needs.

Support Departments

Allow you to route tickets to the appropriate department.

Internal notes can be set for each ticket. Customers will not see them, only staff members will.

File attachments

Each message may include a file attachment. Are supported by the ticket system to allow receiving of files from clients.

Predefined answers

Allows organizing answers and quick access to common answers.

Email based submission

Allows submitting new tickets and follow-up messages via email. Both customers and operators may use email.

Access code (captcha)
To prevent ticket submissions by spambots.

Contact Form

That gives you a quick and simple way to have potential clients get in touch with you.


Is a blog like news system allowing you to post your latest news and updates.

Downloads System

Allows you to make files available, with support for client only restricted access, and tracking of downloads.

Free updates.

  • Free auto translation with Yandex.
  • Other minor changes

New in version 2013.11:

  • Now the closed tickets can be re-opened.
  • Fixed security bug

New in version 2013.8:

  • Integration with Envato Marketplace for authors (When a client open a ticket is verified the Envato license).
  • Integration with Google Translate API
  • Automatic translation of any new language with Google Translate
  • Automatic translation of tickets (It allows staff to respond any question in any language)
  • Added 5 customized fields for tickets (3 optional and 2 required)

New in version 2013.1:

  • Now you can assign each user to a particular department.
  • Short_tags are removed
  • You can set the types of files for downloads.
  • When the administrator chooses not to allow registration, does not show the link to register.
  • It corrects the message “If you are already a customer, please log into your account”.

New in version 2012.10:

  • Now the METRO menu is responsive
  • You can add new tiles (editing the file extratiles.php)
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