Jan 26, 2020
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POS BUTTON | Restaurant & POS management system

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Product description

“POSButton” is a web based Restaurant and POS management software.
Any restaurants with multiple chain branches can use this system. With a very light interface and easy navigation system, POSButton can manage your business as never before.
It has Real Time POS system, Multiple recipe and ingredients printing and very elaborate reporting.

POSButton is a real-time software so, you can observe status at anytime from anywhere! Its secure, safe and reliable.


POS BUTTON | Restaurant & POS management system - 1

POS BUTTON | Restaurant & POS management system - 2

POS BUTTON | Restaurant & POS management system - 3

Here is the detailed feature list:

  • Multi company register.
  • Multi store POS handling.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Role management for restaurants and small business.
  • Elaborate reporting.
  • Raw materials and expanse calculation.
  • Invoice and recipe printing with a single click.
  • A sync report generation.
  • Can be accessible from anywhere.
  • Secure, fast and more.

Technical Documentation

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